Zero Gravity and the Magic of Flotation or Floatation Therapy

Ever heard of a Float Tank

When was the last time you experienced total weightlessness? If you are like most people the answer is most likely never. Even when I take my kids to the local pool and attempt a nice long back float, gravity wins as my feet slowly sink and force my flutter kick back to the surface. Don’t get me wrong, I respect gravity and have a certain amount of unspoken gratitude that I don’t float away into the stratosphere; however, the idea of defying it has captivated my imagination since I was a child. I dreamed of training with NASA, of launching into the vastness of space to experience freedom from the pull of gravity- without all of the traumatic events Sandra Bullock experienced in the movie Gravity, of course. Well I am happy to report that I have recently attained my dream without the support of NASA or a spaceship! I found floatation!

What is floatation, you ask? It is the most amazing and affordable zero gravity experience available to date. It is an adventure into your own mind, body and spirit. It is a freedom from the mundane the monotonous and the stressful.  Floating is flat out fabulous! Floatation Spas have been gaining momentum across the country as a means of self care, relaxation, and healing. At Peace Floatation Spa in Colleyville, Texas is one of these hidden gems. At Peace Floatation Spa offers two beautiful, private floatation rooms which are equipped with their own shower and floatation tub. The floating takes place in a large tub filled with 800 pounds of Epsom salt and water. The high concentration of salt in the water is responsible for the out of this world anti-gravity experience. Coupling floatation and massage therapy in a single visit maximizes the effects of each process making for a phenomenally relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Floatation spas and floatation tanks are known by several other names; sensory deprivation, (sounds scarier than it is), and restricted environmental stimulation therapy (R.E.S.T).  Studies have shown that floatation has many physiological and psychological benefits; and I would argue even spiritual. We will, in future posts look into all of these benefits and explore the possibilities that are emerging from floatation therapy.  But for now I will leave you with thoughts of weightlessness, and the knowledge that you have the power to defy at least one law of physics..



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