Lorie M

I’d been in pain from my autoimmune disorders for several months, knowing I needed massage to help work it out, but of course couldn’t have it until now. It’s still important to protect each other, so I’m incredibly grateful that Danielle is working and doing it as safely as possible. I feel like this may

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Essence Rice

I was suffering from my autoimmune disorder that causes swelling in my joints which never allowed me to ever feel rested and keeps me up all night long so I decided to give the 1hr float a try and I was absolutely speechless about how it made me feel!! I had never felt more alive

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Carlton Harrison

This place is AWESOME!! Very peaceful and Shannon was professional and answered all our questions. Since it was our first time doing the infrared sauna chemotherapy and floating massage therapy.

Aaron Rodriguez

Great place and great staff, every time I come here you can’t help but feel relaxed. If I lived closer I would for sure be a regular here.

Pat Slayton

I think this was the most wonderful, relaxing adventure I have ever been on. I fell asleep during the float and was so relaxed after my massage I thought they would have to pour me into my clothes. I will be back again. I drove over an hour to get here and it was so

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Jamie Andrus Shakotko

I have floated in other spas, but At Peace is the absolute best! I have lower back pain and tried other modalities (acupuncture & chiropractor), but floating works the best! Will definitely return the next time I am in the Dallas area.

Lauren Elizabeth

Lovely way to release muscle tension while also quieting the mind. This was a perfect environment for those of us with monkey mind, because there is no distraction, so eventually you really can just focus on your breathing and relax. So happy and at peace.