Floatation Therapy, the Amygdala and the Self Deprivation Tank

Floatation Therapy and the Amygdala

Floating, is your chance, to begin controlling the functions of your brain without the necessary discipline that meditation entails. Floatation therapy allows your body/mind to enter the “theta state”, your most relaxed state, through the complete “weightlessness” of the floating environment.  The benefits of this practice are compounded, when utilized on

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Self Care Matters

We live in a world of constant stimulation. On any given day we are bombarded with cell phones, email, facebook, twitter, traffic, billboards, television, (bad) news, not to mention most of us have calendars packed full of events requiring our attention. All of these stimulate our central nervous system and can activate a Read More »

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Yoga Poses for Pregnancy Bliss

I was recently asked by a client what yoga poses were helpful during pregnancy. I wasn’t able to answer the question off the top of my head so I decided to put together a list and post it for any other mom’s to be who might also be interested.

If you have never tried yoga you

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Float Your Way to a Healthier Pregnancy and Delivery

Benefits of floating while pregnant

Your pregnant and your body is growing and changing to accommodate a new life. Not only are you concerned with having a healthy pregnancy and delivery but you are now very aware that you are responsible for another life. Trying to balance work, relationships, and the stresses placed on the body during pregnancy can be

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