At Peace Wellness Center Team Members have made the decision to reopen for Floatation Therapy, Infrared Sauna Therapy and Massage Therapy. 

We are open for all therapies Tuesday-Saturday from 10AM-6PM.

We will let you know once we have extended those hours to include Sundays. In the mean time, please book Floatation, Massage, and Infrared Sauna during the Tuesday-Saturday times.

Floating is a safe activity, even in the age of COVID. You are in a sanitized room, by yourself, in a building with very few people in it every day, and practicing proper social distancing.


The City of Colleyville will be closing down Glade Rd 10/05/2020 to start construction on rebuilding it. The estimated finish date is a year from now. While we know this causes an inconvenience because it is easiest to get to us from Glade, you can still get here just as easily following either of these directions below based on where you’re coming from:


 – If you’re coming from 121, please stay on/take Hall Johnson Rd all the way down until you get to the street called Riverwalk (it will be right after the post office on your left). Take Riverwalk all the way down straight past Life Time Fitness until you almost get to the stop sign at Glade Rd. Take the last entrance on your left before you get to Glade Rd. (It will look like you are pulling into a gated residential area as well as office buildings next to it). Pull in to the parking lot and keep to your right, then you will see a Modern Muse on the corner of the inside of the parking lot where you will want to take a left to the back of the parking lot. There you will find us next to a Chiropractor and Modern muse. 🙂

 – If you’re coming from Highway 26, you can either take Church Street or Hall Johnson Rd to Riverwalk, then follow the rest of the instructions said above.

** You can always call the spa at 817.485.3223 if you are still having trouble finding us and we will help you 🙂 **

Appointments are only available online (, via email or phone.

If you are not a Member but have been with us in the last year and need to float, please contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate you as much as possible, while still giving our members priority booking privileges. 

Fewer Appointments and Staggered Start & End times.

ALL clients MUST arrive on time for their appointments. Your float will begin 15 minutes after your arrival time. This will give us time to converse quickly and for you to shower and float the entire hour.

Increased Sanitization

At Peace has always prided ourselves on providing the highest level of cleanliness in a float center for our clients. This will continue and we are also adding additional disinfection measures.

  • In between each client, the float cabin and shower areas will be disinfected completely using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (an approved sanitizer at 0.5% concentration).
  • Items more likely to be touched (all handles, buttons, soap dispensers, benches, amenities, etc., and restrooms) will be sanitized with Simple Green D Pro 5 (EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant known for its high performance) in between each client.

Our current FLOAT & SAUNA & MASSAGE schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (10AM-6PM)

Masks are REQUIRED by Staff at Customer’s Request. Please be respectful of others. This is a hot button as the world has not yet agreed on the safety or lack of by wearing a mask. State of Texas leaves it up to each business.

You must sign a waiver online and it must be completed PRIOR to your arrival. We are also not offering the Waiting Room as an area clients can remain in after their session.

We are so excited to be able to serve you once again.

Things will look different than we’re all used to, and we truly appreciate your cooperation to make this reopening work for all of us! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the service that we provide for you. We know how valuable floating is to us and to you, and we are grateful to be getting and giving the relief we all need in these stressful times.