Massage for the Masses: Why EveryBODY needs Massage

Self care is quite often an afterthought. As a culture we wait, and wait until our bodies are depleted of their vital energy, weakened and susceptible to illness before we give ourselves the care we need. Considered by some to be pampering or luxury spending many of us may overlook Massage as a viable health and wellness option. This is far from truth. Massage not only feels wonderful it is also a powerful tool to increase health and wellness. Massage has been shown to:

In addition to the physiological benefits, Massage also elevates the emotional state leaving us with an overall sense of well-being and a feeling of connection and oneness to our body.  Massage is a widely available self care option and one that should not be dismissed lightly. Whether you are living with pain, injury and illness or you’re tired and stressed, therapeutic massage is a valuable self care tool.