Float Cabin Pricing

@Peace Receives ETL Rating

The ETL Listed Mark indicates that the AP-750E product has been tested and found in compliance with accepted national standards. It is known by local inspectors and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) throughout North America. Intertek is an NRTL recognized by OSHA; the ETL Listed Mark is an accepted alternative to UL and inspectors and AHJs are required by law to recognize it as such.

Ready to Buy a Floatation Tank? How Can We Help?

  • Optional In-House Training at Texas location
  • Floor Plan Evaluation and Review
  • FTA International Regulations Information
  • Financing Options and Business Insurance
  • Business Budget Template with Formulas
  • Staff Manual/Handbook Template
  • Marketing and Daily Operations Documents
  • Groupon and Other Types of Advertising
  • List of all Replacement Parts Needed for Inventory

Prior to purchasing a Float Cabin(s) for your business, find out what the expectations are from your State Health Department and local regulatory authorities.  They may contact us for any additional information needed.  It is best to use terminology such as Mineral Bath or Tub, Floatation Cabin, Hydrotherapy, however, stay away from the word Spa.

Floor Plan Review

Please submit a floor plan of the area you will be placing the Float Cabin(s). We will provide you with specifications and recommendations that will best suit your Float Cabin and equipment, along with information for your contractor/electrician.  Any remodeling of this area is the responsibility of the buyer and should be completed prior to the date set for installation.

Float Cabin Placement

The location and space available for your Float Cabin is very important. Ideally, your cabin should be as close to the shower as possible, attached or connected to is ideal. Be certain you have adequate space for the Float Cabin (approximately 4 1/2′ x 8′) and filtration equipment (approx. 3′ x 3′). The filtration equipment can be placed inside or outside an exterior wall if needed. Otherwise, a wall of no less than 11′ is mandatory and required.  Your shower should not be any smaller than 36″ x 36″, larger is better. Keep in mind that the material you select for flooring and shower areas should be non-porous. Be sure to have access to hot water (hose bib or faucet) for filling and maintaining your water. For two cabins, a 50-gallon water heater is sufficient. In addition, you should have lighting for the room outside of the float cabin, a ceiling fan for ventilation, and any other furniture or fixtures you wish to include. Depending on your space, a dehumidifier outside the Float Cabin room(s) can be very helpful in controlling the humidity outside the room(s).


To buy floatation/isolation tank, please contact us. Float Tank Manufacturer. Float Tank Affordable.

Pricing and Features

AP-750 (ETL) Floatation Cabin

(1) $19,500 –  (2+) $18,500 each

  • ETL Certified by Intertek (NRTL/UL)
  • All Equipment NSF Certified/VGB Compliant
  • Free Standing, Self-Contained Unit
  • Cabin Dimensions are 47″w x 94″l x 98″H
  • Programmed Water Heating Controller
  • Under-Body-Heating for Controlled Temperature
  • NSF 3.4 Horsepower Motor and Pump Filter
  • APG-U Plasma Discharge Ozonator
  • Two-Way Intercom System (Hands Free)
  • Sound System/Speakers with Air Switch (Ipod MP3 not included)
  • Interior Ceiling Cabin Light with Air Switch
  • New Client Starter Package ($500 value)
  • AP-750E Operations Manual
  • DNI Upgrades, Shipping/Handling or Installation
  • Warranty-1 year parts/labor on Equipment, 3 years on Tub/Cabin
  • A 50% Deposit to begin manufacturing, all 6-8 weeks for delivery

Non-ETL Listed AP-750 Float Cabin (1) $18,500 – (2+) $17,500

Custom Options – Request a Quote

  • Multi-color LED Lighting with Air Switch
  • Under Water Color Therapy with Air Switch
  • Exterior Cabin Walls and Texture
  • Cabin Rub Color – Dark Blue (custom colors)

New Client Starter Package ($750 Value)

  • Thermal Tub Cover
  • Micro-fiber Towels for Cleaning
  • Water Spray Bottle for Inside Cabin
  • Inflatable Neck Pillow
  • Skimmer Net for Cleaning
  • Submersible Pump for Draining
  • Back Up 3/4 Horse Motor
  • Hydrometer for Measuring Salt Density
  • Digital Thermometer for Manual Water Testing
  • Supply List, Documents, Marketing and Website Materials
  • Excellent Customer Service with 9 Years in Retail Float Business