Our Beginnings and Philosophy


In the quiet of a faraway hotel room, I pondered what was next. The glove, cleats, and bats were relegated to trunks in the holding place of all things unused– the attic. Baseball, an all encompassing sport of left and right brain thinking, would be the back drop of what was to come next. While competing well or not so well, it became evident to me that the mind ultimately controls our performance.


I began the study of sensory deprivation and all its associated positive effects on the overall health and performance of the human body.  What was the one environment that would allow the body to reset and refresh, providing complete and utter R.E.S.T.?  Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, through the use of a Floatation Spa, allows our bodies the time and ability to rearm for the stresses of our existence.  Thus, with the help of my best friend and wife, Donna, we began @Peace Floatation Spas, to help remedy some of the damaging affects, both physically and mentally, that stress inflicts on our bodies.  Stress, the contributor to 90 percent of our ailments, must be kept at bay and banished.  The benefits, both physically and mentally, of R.E.S.T. is well documented and certain to become a way of life for those wanting to free themselves from the unwanted fallout that can come from not being @Peace!