First Time Floating

A Few Things to Know

Be prepared for your floatation appointment

  • For your first visit orientation and to ensure you receive the full hour floatation session, please arrive 10-15 minutes early.
  • Try to schedule your appointment at a time when it is easiest for you to relax, similar to a time when you would book a massage. Any physical activity such as yard work, working out, etc. prior to your appointment will enhance your overall experience.
  • In the event you have showered just before you arrive, it is still required before entering the spa. All deodorant, hair products, body lotions, makeup, perfumes and colognes must be removed prior to floating.
  • The salt water will not harm colored or treated hair, however, we ask that you wait 1 week (2 weeks for red hair dye) after your treatment so as not to contaminate the spa water.
  • Please refrain from suntanning or spray tanning sessions 48-72 hours prior to floating.
  • If you have large cuts or open wounds, are experiencing an illness, or it is during your menstrual cycle, please contact us so we may advise you properly.
  • It is best not to have a big meal or any caffeine within two hours of your scheduled appointment. You should avoid caffeine even longer before your appointment if you are sensitive to it.
  • Do not shave for at least 4-6 hours before your float, as the highly salted water will sting.  If you have any small cuts or scratches, we provide liquid band aid to cover those up.
  • Audio music, towels, shampoo, soap, and earplugs are provided for you.  You will have your own personal spa suite with floatation spa, shower and dressing area.  Our facilities are limited for those wanting to do hair and makeup before an evening out, so please let us know if you need extra time.
  • You may bring the following with you: iPod (soothing, relaxing, or meditative music only), an exfoliating pad or glove, cases for contact lenses, hair brush or comb, or a change of clothes. A swimsuit is not recommended, as the density of salt will make it uncomfortable.


We have a limited number of appointments each day and schedule two hours for every one hour session.  This time allows us to orientate new clients and also gives everyone a calm and peaceful environment.  However, we adhere to a very strict cleaning policy of 30 minutes to prepare the spa suite for the next client, so we ask that you not linger in your suite after your float, and please keep in mind you have 15 minutes after your float to shower, get ready and exit the suite.