Float Cabin Design

Why the At Peace Float Cabin?

Unlike tanks, pods, or chambers, our custom Float Cabins aim to provide a user-friendly design suitable for beginners and seasoned floaters, alike.  To help achieve total sensory deprivation – the Cabin is fully insulated while the base is raised off the ground to lessen any vibration caused by other ground sources.  The Float Cabin comes equipped with light and audio options, which allows the client to customize their float session by giving them the option to turn lights or music on or off as needed.  The Cabin size is quite easy to maintain without having to enter the tub for cleaning or when clients leave items behind.


Intertek’s ETL Listed Mark indicates that the product has been tested and found in compliance with accepted national standards.  The ETL Listed Mark is recognized by local inspectors and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) throughout North America and parts of South America.  Intertek is a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) recognized by OSHA.  The ETL Listed Mark is an accepted alternative to UL and, as such, inspectors and AHJs are required by law to recognize, acknowledge, and accept the mark as proof of product compliance.


  • Float Room:
    • Length: 11 feet (on at least one side to accommodate the cabin and equipment)
    • Width: 9 feet (no less than 8 feet wide to accommodate the shower and dressing area)
    • 9 to 12 feet ceilings
  • Interior:
    • Length: 93 inches
    • Width: 46 inches
    • Height: 94 inches
  • Exterior:
    • Length: 94 inches
    • Width: 47 inches
    • Height: 96 inches
  • Equipment Area:
    • Allow 3 feet by 3 feet space for the equipment, which is placed at the foot of the tub.

Standard Equipment

  • Custom Cabin – Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (FRP)
  • Fiberglass Tub with Gel Coat Finish for Protection
  • Programmed/Calibrated Heating System
  • Industry Standard ¾ HP Filtration Motor
  • Filter Pot/Filter Cartridge (25 c.f.)
  • Del APG-U Plasma Ozone System
  • Air Ventilation for Interior Circulation
  • Three Grab Bars for Safety
  • Safety Glass Sealed Shower Door
  • Interior Float Cabin Lighting/Air Switch
  • Docking Station for Ipod/MP3/Ipad
  • Hands-Free (2-way) Intercom System
  • New Client Starter Package


The advantage to the user-friendly shower glass door is that it offers a simplistic view and entrance into the Cabin. The door also allows for easier access as it includes conveniently positioned internal grab bars and slip-proof protection promoting a greater sense of safety, comfort and security. Fully enclosed spaces cause heat and humidity to accumulate, which can disrupt the cadence of the float session.

Float Cabin Lighting

The Float Cabin is equipped with an LED light on the inside of the Cabin ceiling that is controlled using an air switch by the client to turn both the interior and exterior lights on/off. The staff is also able to turn the exterior light on to indicate the end of the float session.

Float Cabin Air Ventilation

The Float Cabin is equipped with interior air ventilation for circulation during the floatation session. the interior cabin . . . . an easy-to-use shower glass door, which gives the client the freedom to open and close the door throughout the session. Fully enclosed spaces cause heat and humidity to accumulate, which can disrupt the cadence of the float session.

Cabin Insulation/Soundproofing

The Float Cabin is insulated using polystyrene sheets that are water-resistant, high-density foam and rigid, yet lightweight (1 ½”) on all cabin walls and ceiling. Additional insulation is wrapped on the underside of the fiberglass tub for ultimate resistance against heat loss. Soundproofing is achieved by the insulation as well as the Float Cabin design creating a framed tub that is raised off the actual floor.  This minimizes any ground vibration.

Programmable Heating System

Our low-voltage heating system is composed of durable, cost-effective heating strips that are placed on the underside of the tub. The heat controller unit is programmed/calibrated to keep the temperature set to the same level. Together with the insulated cabin and fiberglass tub, our heating system maintains consistent water temperature for any length of float session.

Float Cabin Filtration System

The Float Cabin’s own filtration system works alongside DEL’s APG-U Plasma Ozone System (“Ozone”), which has been validated by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to kill up to 99.9% of microorganisms typically found.

  • Filtration System (UL/ETL and NSF Certified)
    The filtration system is effective, easy to use and maintain. The system consists of a 3/4-horse power pump and 25 c.f. filter cartridge. We also provide a back up pump in case of emergencies.
  • Ozone – Plasma System (UL/ETL and NSF Certified)
    The system also comes complete with an ozone/uv hybrid cleaning system. This type of system allows the water to maintain great clarity and cleanlines.
  • Temperature Limit Controller
    An ultra-sensitive air velocity sensor and pneumatic controller control pneumatic damper actuators in the heating system to provide consistent temperature.
  • Snap Disc Control
    The Snap Disc Control is used as an automatic thermal activated on/off switch for the heating system controller.

Float Cabin Sound and Intercom System

  • Audio/Sound System
    There is an iPod /MP3 docking station and speakers, which allows the client to customize their float experience. There is an air switch that the client can press to turn the sound on/off throughout their session.
  • Intercom System
    Our two-way, hands-free intercom system comes equipped with a small horn speaker mounted inside the cabin, which allows the client to be in contact with the front desk, if desired.


Float Cabin Custom Installation

At Peace Float Cabins can be installed in pre-existing or newly built spaces. so long as there is at least 11 feet for the length of the spa and equipment. The room should be easily accessible, as the 8’ x 4’ foot tub and base will be brought in, in it’s entirety. Existing Cabin room ceilings should be approximately 8-10 feet high, allowing the Cabin to comfortably fit within the room (Doorways the Cabin will be brought through should be 3-4’ wide or larger). At Peace can customize the height of the cabin, but recommends the total height be 7-8 feet. A shower will also need to be accessible, preferably as close to the float cabin as possible. The AP-750E fits nicely in a 10 x 11 foot room to create a suite type room. For a residential installation, the AP-750E can be installed connected to a shower wall and built in to hide the large cabin.

Operations and Maintenance Manuals

A detailing of operations and maintenance instructions are provided to you in a manual during the installation process. At this time, we will go over the entire system with you along with how to videos for future review. A troubleshooting section is also included.

Please understand that our highest priority is customer service and if you have any issues or problems, please contact us first. The best way is to send us a picture and text of the issue you are having, if it is something mechanical. We do our best to answer every call when received.