Float Cabin Manufacturing

Purchasing a Float Cabin?

Former Texas Ranger Pete O’Brien along with his wife Donna are celebrating more than 9 years in the retail spa business, @Peace Floatation & Massage by expanding their existing business to accommodate a new industry that is growing rapidly.

The new business expansion is an effort to bring floatation therapy to the home, as well as new or existing businesses alike.

“@Peace Float Cabins is the manufacturing arm of the business”, Donna says.  “It was a natural progression for us, as we wanted to design units unlike the tanks, pods or chambers that are on the market today, to open up more shops.  Our concept is user-friendly to the new and well seasoned client and that put us in the direction of manufacturing.

“Our goal has always been to promote Floatation therapy affordably to residential and commercial buyers.  We all understand that how we deal with our stresses will have a direct correlation on our health.  If people can have a stress-free therapy at their fingertips, keeping stress-related diseases at bay is a distinct possibility.”

“The idea of having a constant 94-degree tub waiting for you day and night, with little to no maintenance, while having all the benefits of the Dead Sea . . . well, what’s not to like?”, Donna says.  “Floatation is an empowering therapy on so many levels . . . and everyone floats for many different reasons.  If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Self Care is the new way of Health Care