Floatation Therapy

Your own personal Spa Suite complete with dressing area, shower, and private floatation spa. You will also receive our 5-star winning customer service, state-of-the-art floatation spa, fresh towels, organic shampoo and soaps, purified water, earplugs, a variety of soothing music, meditation or guided imagery to choose from and the best part is the results! In addition to the zero-gravity experience, you will enjoy one hour of non-sensory stimulus, a much needed retreat in today’s world. You will also detoxify your body internally (similar to a three-day fast, hydration is important), receive the equivalent of four hours of restorative sleep, not to mention your sound sleep that evening, have softer hair and skin while reaping all the therapeutic benefits of your body absorbing the magnesium sulfate . . . one of the minerals our culture is most deficient in and is best absorbed through our skin.