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At Peace Floatation Spa was the first of its kind here in the DFW metroplex, and has seen terrific growth in 9 years of being in business.  “It has been both rewarding and challenging to get the word out about the incredible benefits of Floatation Therapy.  People have referred to us as a community service, which is very edifying on its own”, Pete and Donna explain,  “The fact that we have had a part in helping people deal with the stress levels of our time, in addition to providing a place for them to focus on self care has been truly fulfilling”.

An @Peace Floatation session of one hour provides a zero-gravity environment, consisting of 110 gallons of 94.5 degree water and 800 pounds of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate).

The zero gravity allows the individual to get to a meditative state more quickly than traditional methods.  Sensory deprivation (non-stimulus) is the third aspect of a true floatation session that is achieved by a dark and silent surrounding.

Of course, while the client has the option to have a range of lighting or music, this is generally only experienced in the first session.

Floatation therapy combined with Massage therapy is the fastest and most effective way to reset, restore and revive the human body.

While Floating, we are in our most relaxed state providing the perfect environment for the mind and body to self heal.  While reaping the benefits of 4 hours of restorative sleep, a one hour session is also compared to a 3-day fast and a fairly strong detox.

Research has proven, that during a 1 hour Floatation session, the positive effects on cortisol levels, blood pressure, and heart rate have been achieved.

Even further, Epsom salt is an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer and sleep inducing agent providing relief to those dealing with chronic pain, muscle strains, back issues, fibromyalgia as well as insomnia and jet lag.

“The whole concept behind floatation therapy, is that, the human body, put in the right environment, can have the capacity to heal itself.  The effect on the immune system and achieving a greater sense of wellness allows the body’s normal functions to begin operating effectively,” O’Brien says.